His Mouse Friday (1951)

His Mouse Friday ReviewHis Mouse Friday Review

His Mouse Friday is a 1951 animated short that is the 59th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is an immensely offensive and disappointing, but still solid entry.

Tom is on an island and wants to eat Jerry, but the mouse disguises himself as a native cannibal and torments the cat. It ends with the real natives coming and chasing the two. I really liked that ending and it was really funny. I also really liked its setting and it was solidly put to use. Jerry is excellent here and much better and more memorable than Tom.

The problem with His Mouse Friday is not that it is offensive, but that it doesn’t use its premise to the fullest extent. That was mostly due to that prolonged and boring first act that isn’t that entertaining. The rest of the cartoon is pretty good and even funny at times, but this short is still too disappointing to be enjoyed more. And yes, it is one of the most offensive Tom and Jerry cartoons ever which wasn’t such a big problem to me, but it was still annoying.

His Mouse Friday is pretty solid and funny with a nice finale, but it is too offensive and too disappointing overall to be enjoyed more.

My Rating – 3.8

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