Slicked-up Pup (1951)

Slicked-up Pup ReviewSlicked-up Pup Review

Slicked-up Pup is a 1951 animated short that is the 60th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very funny, albeit repetitive entry.

Spike had bathed his son Tyke and he warns Tom that he stays clean. Of course, Jerry overhears it and intends to sabotage the poor cat. Yes, this entry is decidedly old-fashioned and standard, but I mostly liked that about it. Yes, some of its action is highly repetitive and predictable, but most of it is pretty fun and interesting plus it uses all of its characters in a good way.

I liked the use of Tyke, Spike is excellent as well and I am finally starting to adjust to his speaking role. As for Jerry, he is typically mean here and Tom is expectedly sympathetic. As for its humor, it is pretty good and I laughed a couple of times. As for its action, the highlight has to be that entire ending as it is simultaneously fun and frustratingly tragic to watch Tom’s impending doom. It is overall a standard, but well executed entry.

Slicked-up Pup is slightly repetitive, but largely succeeds due to a good use of characters, nice action and excellent finale.

My Rating – 4.1

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