Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (1950)

Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl ReviewTom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl Review

Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl is a 1950 animated short that is the 52nd Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such a rehashed entry that is easily one of the worst in the series.

This is basically a rip-off of ‘The Cat Concerto‘, but it shares most of its problems and not strengths unfortunately. Yes, the music is once again very well incorporated into the animation and action. And that ending is again funny, but it is still a rip-off and is basically the same as before.

The short is also very slow moving with such a sluggish pace and it lacks energy in its execution. The animation and music are good, but the characters themselves are forgettable and the action is for the most part just repeated from before and seen countless times before. They should have done something different with this setting this time around, but they unfortunately didn’t do anything unique or new with it, leaving us with such a vastly inferior entry to the rest of the series.

Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl is well scored and animated, but the plot is just a rehash and the action is seen countless times before.

My Rating – 3

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