Salt Water Tabby (1947)

Salt Water TabbySalt Water Tabby Review

Salt Water Tabby is a 1947 animated short which is the 31st of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is very good and one of the best entries of the year.

Tom is on the beach and trying to impress an attractive female cat, but of course Jerry is also there to spoil his chances and ruin the cat’s day. First, the flaws. The only flaws here are the ending which is fun, but could have been better and the beginning which is rather lackluster. But everything else is really good in this one as the female cat is so well used with some hilarious results and the whole flick is incredibly entertaining and a fantastic use of the beach setting with many inventive action sequences with finely incorporated beach food and animals.

Tom is excellent here and his yelps are just hysterical and the moment where he first screams in a delayed action is one of the highlights for me. Also, Jerry is a bit too aggressive, but still great and the fights here are of the best and most inventive kind. It is so fun that it quickly ends and is one of the finest Tom and Jerry films of 1947.

Salt Water Tabby wonderfully makes use of its beach setting with hilarious yelps, superb, inventive action sequences and excellent humor.

My Rating – 4.2

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