Safety Second (1950)

Safety Second ReviewSafety Second Review

Safety Second is a 1950 animated short that is the 50th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is one of the funniest and most purely entertaining entries in years.

The plot is pretty good and I really liked the use of Nibbles here. He is probably the best used here since he has been introduced. He is just so endearing to watch. And the relationship between him and Jerry is so sweet. Jerry continues to be the highlight this year with Tom being in the background and I really liked that here.

As for the action, it does use some rehashed scenarios from its previous entries which I really disliked, but the action is for the most part superb in Safety Second and it is such an entertaining cartoon. The dynamite exchange was awesome and so well executed with fantastic humor. I laughed a lot during its running time as it was pretty hilarious at times. In fact, it is the funniest Tom and Jerry short in recent years for sure.

Safety Second has a superb use of Nibbles along with some spectacular action and superb humor with many truly hilarious moments to be had.

My Rating – 4.2

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  1. Nibbles! My memory is fuzzy on this particular Tom & Jerry short, but I do recall the hilarious back and forth of a lighted dynamite stick. And as far as I can remember my favorite appearance of Nibbles is the one with him and Jerry as Mousekeeters. (And Nibbles talking in French is just adorable.)

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