Texas Tom (1950)

Texas TomTexas Tom Review

Texas Tom is a 1950 animated short that is the 49th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is an atmospheric, but problematic entry.

This short has its evident strengths and weaknesses. The flaws here are that the ending is hit-or-miss and that the entire second half with the bull is pretty forgettable and familiar. It kind of ruined the film as it was quite good before it. It isn’t bad or anything like that, but it is still forgettable and definitely a problem the film never overcame.

But that first half is great. The duo is phenomenal here with the cowgirl being very well used as well. The entire singing sequence is fantastic and Tom makes some really amusing faces in this one. The music is so well utilized, but the animation is also superb and the entire flick has such a good atmosphere and tone of a western and that really helps it a lot. It is in the end disappointing, but still fun and charming.

Texas Tom does have a disappointing second half, but the first one is great with good humor, an excellent use of music and a great western feel to it.

My Rating – 3.9

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