Little Quacker (1950)

Little Quacker (1950)Little Quacker Review

Little Quacker is a 1950 animated short that is the 47th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a good first entry in the decade.

The plot itself is solid, albeit seen before. And the same goes for action which consists of some familiar ground. Plus the ending isn’t that well executed. But this is still a good entry that benefits from a particularly memorable introduction of Quacker. He sounds too much like Donald Duck, but he’s still a well realized, fun creation. And the duo is very memorable here with Tom being superb.

Quacker’s parents are also fun and those scenes are the best. The skinning of Tom is fine, but that undergarment scene with the mother duck is just hilarious and so weirdly sexual. I loved it. I also really liked most of the action here and Quacker and Jerry’s team up is quite fun. This is a typical, yet very entertaining short that kicked off the 1950s in quite a solid fashion.

Little Quacker does have typical plot and action, but it is also very entertaining and sometimes hilarious with a couple of superb scenes.

My Rating – 4.1

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