Tennis Chumps (1949)

Tennis ChumpsTennis Chumps Review

Tennis Chumps is a 1949 animated short which is the 46th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is one of the weaker, but still good films.

Butch and Tom play Tennis and it is up to Jerry to plant them traps along the way. Now, this is one of those cartoons that rely entirely on its setting and thankfully it uses it to its fullest advantage and to the fullest degree. The tennis court here really comes to life and is used stupendously. Jerry is so good here in his devious plans and Tom is also pretty good. But Butch was disappointing to me as he is forgettable next to the blue cat.

Another thing that bothered me here is the beginning and ending which are so uninspired which is weird for the series. And that blackface joke is really getting tired up to this point. I forgive them for racism because of the time period, but the joke is still so overused and so repetitive that I would like to never see it again regardless. But overall the film has some very good scenarios with Jerry and as the last Tom and Jerry flick of the forties, it is pretty good and entertaining.

Tennis Chumps closes the decade in a solid way. It has its obvious flaws, but it is still fun and well executed with a very well used setting.

My Rating – 4

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