Jerry’s Diary (1949)

Jerry's DiaryJerry’s Diary Review

Jerry’s Diary is a 1949 animated short that is the 45th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is one of the worst entries in the series thus far.

Tom goes to give a present to Jerry because it is “Be Kind to Animals” week. He finds the mouse’s diary and reads the entries in which he always lost. Then Jerry arrives and Tom throws the pie he initially wanted to give him to his face. Now, frankly I loved that ending and it was a great way to end the story and Jerry’s shrug is excellent. I loved Tom’s angry outbursts and the radio plot point is solidly executed.

However, although they chose some of the best fights from the best cartoons, this is still filler which is why the entire episode felt odd and pointless to me. They basically rehashed their previous stories and put them together into one episode. That is so lazy and just ridiculous. And they do take too much running time which is why this is problematic as the plot itself had the potential for greatness. Those are all the reasons why this is one of the worst Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Jerry’s Diary is one of the worst entries in the series that does have its moments, but is mostly a boring and pointless filler.

My Rating – 3

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