Love That Pup (1949)

Love That PupLove That Pup Review

Love That Pup is a 1949 animated short that is the 44th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a fun entry that is one of the series’ most violent.

Yes, this film is incredibly violent and although that was a bit too much near the end with that skinning of the cat, I still appreciated that bold choice as it was a brutal and harsh way to end the story. Spike is really good here, but I still don’t like him talking however. His puppy Tyke is introduced here and is cute, but is basically a plot device. The first half is a bit uneventful, but the second one more than makes up for it with some tremendous action.

The humor is superb here and the highlight is of course that whole finale which was so funny and memorable. But the whole premise led to many terrific scenes and Jerry here is in an especially malicious mode. I liked the fights, Tom’s cries and yelps are of course superb and some scenarios are tremendously well played out. It has its problems, but it’s still a memorable and entertaining flick.

Love That Pup takes its time to get there, but when it does it’s a blast to watch with some excellent scenarios and an especially memorable, brutal finale.

My Rating – 4.1

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