Three Orphan Kittens (1935)

Three Orphan Kittens

Three Orphan Kittens Review

Released in 1935 and having received an Oscar, Three Orphan Kittens is one of the most famous and easily recognizable Silly Symphonies of the thirties.

It is about three orphan kittens who stumble upon a house and enter it, have an adventure inside and are eventually kept as pets by a little girl living there. This is the film that I remember loving as a kid, but now as an adult, this is not the case anymore as I find the plot too simplistic and even non-existent. The gags are also overly used and last for too long which is the problem ‘The Country Cousin‘ also shares, but that movie is overall better for its setting and clash of classes.

This movie is cute definitely and wonderful to watch. The cats are cute, the beginning is good and it ends well, but the middle parts are unsatisfying. It definitely does have a heart and the animation is really charming and wonderful. The character design is good, I love the housekeeper and the girl along with the kittens of course. I just wished for more plot.

Three Orphan Kittens is a slight stuff. It is wonderful to look at and is definitely cute, but the plot is lacking and the gags aren’t that good.

My Rating – 3.5

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