The Zoot Cat (1944)

The Zoot Cat

The Zoot Cat Review

The Zoot Cat is a 1944 animated short that is the 13th of Tom and Jerry cartoons. It is one of the lesser films from the duo.

It has quite a good plot, but the execution not so much. It is entertaining and the whole parody of 1930s and 40s clothing is very well done with its zoot suits being very well animated. I also adored the humor here which is often stupendous, this time the lines spoken by Tom being the funniest. But speaking of lines, I did not like that it has a dialogue once again and that troubles me. However, it is fairly well done and although somewhat annoying, it was funny and the voices were better than before.

Tom is great here and Jerry was a bit annoying. Toots is really well realized this time around and the dancing between the two is great and the overall courting is funny and has many great moments. But the ending disappointed me. It was a fine conclusion, but I expected more from it nonetheless. But it succeeds no matter how flawed it is mostly due to its humor and terrific animation.

The Zoot Cat isn’t one of the duo’s best shorts due to its troublesome execution, but it is still a funny short filled with good animation and some really funny lines.

My Rating – 4

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