The Wrong Trousers (1993)

The Wrong Trousers ReviewThe Wrong Trousers Review

The Wrong Trousers is a 1993 British Oscar winning animated short film from Aardman directed by Nick Park and starring Wallace and Gromit. It’s great.

A penguin named Feathers McGraw comes to rent a room at Wallace’s house and Gromit leaves feeling left out. Eventually he realizes that the penguin is a master criminal in pursuit of a diamond and he comes back to save his pal. The plot is simply terrific. I loved its various noir and crime elements, but it also never forgets to be a comedy. It isn’t hilarious, but some parts are pretty amusing and some are also quite sweet.

As always, the relationship between the two is wonderful. I liked Wallace here, but this one is Gromit’s film as he is a true hero here. I absolutely loved those action sequences with the highlight being the train sequence which is brilliantly executed and something that only animation can accomplish. Some of the film’s middle parts padded a bit, but mostly it is an engaging, wonderfully entertaining film that is also gorgeously animated and with terrific character design. Of course, the score is great too. The highlight of the film is Feathers McGraw who is absolutely fantastic and so creepy (the standout peeking scene is so delightfully eerie). He remains one of the best animated villains of all time. So well designed and imagined.

The Wrong Trousers features an unforgettable villain, a very good story and some standouts moments leading to a much deserved Academy Award winner.

My Rating – 4.6

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