The Wise Little Hen (1934)

The Wise Little HenThe Wise Little Hen Review

The Wise Little Hen is a 1934 animated short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is one of the very best in the series and such a great film.

The hen wants to harvest corn and asks for help from Peter Pig and Donald Duck, but the two claim illness. But the hen afterwards makes dinner and refuses to share it with them, teaching them a lesson in the process. It is such a great cautionary tale that is a great moral lesson for children and should be watched by each and every child. It is wonderfully executed and well crafted and paced from beginning to end. The score is really good and the animation is superb.

Donald Duck is introduced here and although a bit different in style, he is in character himself and he is superb in this film. Peter Pig is also great and the two are so funny in their lazy behavior. The hen is also excellent with her facial expressions and it all ends great with a fun conclusion and a great message. The only flaws here are the ending which should have been a bit more violent and the music which is great and catchy, but too reminiscent to that of Three Little Pigs. But it is otherwise such a fantastic film that was shamefully snubbed by the Academy. Yes, ‘The Tortoise and the Hare‘ was a rightful 1934 winner, but that is a 1935 flick and this film should have at least been nominated.

The Wise Little Hen is without a doubt one of the best Silly Symphonies with catchy music, great animation, well developed characters and such a fantastic story with a great, important message for children.

My Rating – 4.8

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