The Ugly Duckling (1939)

The Ugly DucklingThe Ugly Duckling Review

The Ugly Duckling is a 1939 Disney Silly Symphony short film and the recipient of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

It is a famous tale in which a young duckling is banished for looking different and searches the swamp until he finds a new family. It is such an emotional story that is really beautiful to watch. It is wonderfully animated with great looking environments and excellent character design. The protagonist is likable and you root for him and the other animals are all realistically portrayed.

The only problem I’ve had with this film is that it differentiates itself from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and it also could have been a bit more dramatic and darker. But it is still so engaging, perfectly paced and just so phenomenally executed and so charming and endlessly lovable. I loved the heartwarming and even funny ending and the beginning was so hilarious. It is wonderfully directed and edited with terrific animation and very good score. It undoubtedly deserved its Oscar and it is one of the finest Silly Symphonies for sure.

The Ugly Duckling is so sweet and heartwarming with beautiful animation, excellent score, lovable central character and such an emotional story. It is one of the best Silly Symphonies thanks to all those reasons.

My Rating – 4.7

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