The Twilight Zone Season 2 (1960)

The Twilight Zone Season 2

The Twilight Zone Season 2 Review

The second season of The Twilight Zone is a great one and the best since the first. Although it isn’t quite on the same quality level as its predecessor, it still manages to be a phenomenal season with many fantastic episodes.

King Nine Will Not Return is a slow start. It has its moments and is atmospheric, but still could have been better and more memorable. The Man in the Bottle is a better episode with a great message and an ironic ending that is very satisfying.

Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room is full of unforgettable quotes and is very original in its plot. It is also one of the most dialogue-driven entries here and it does benefit from it. A Thing About Machines is the most memorable episode thus far with such a creepy, authentic premise and a very good execution. It also has a great ending and is all around a very entertaining entry.

The Howling Man is one of the more religious and more atmospheric parts with such a frightening, really fantastic feeling to it and such a terrifying, terrific twist ending that makes the whole episode all the more unforgettable. The Eye of the Beholder is naturally the highlight of this season. It is not only one of the best and most popular episodes, but it is also to me one of the finest stories the show has ever produced. It is probably the story that comes to mind the most when you think about The Twilight Zone as its plot is the perfect mix of authentic storytelling, eerie mood and absolutely amazing, just jaw-dropping conclusion with one of the best twists ever. It is undoubtedly a classic.

Nick of Time is another masterpiece. It is a great take on superstitions and prophecies with such a fun, immensely engaging storyline and endearing, well realized characters. The conflict is also well established and the episode is realistic and very well executed. The Lateness of the Hour is another superb part. Its plot is very relevant and this is one of the best robot episodes without a doubt. The twist isn’t as shocking, but is still well realized and the whole episode is very well crafted.

The Trouble with Templeton is one of the most nostalgic Twilight Zone episodes and one of the most heartwarming. It is so sweet and a lot of fun and it brings the 1920s to life wonderfully with great characters and excellent visuals. A Most Unusual Camera is the entry which best showcases the series’ tendency to go into brutal and ironic territory as the ending here punishes all of the characters. But the premise itself is so clever and they used it here to the fullest extent.

The Night of the Meek is an interesting departure for this show as it deals with holiday spirit, Christmas in particular and is very emotional and endearing. And it does work here as the episode, although not one of the strongest, is still sweet and charming. Dust is a forgettable episode that is repetitive and one of the weaker entries here.

Back There is awesome. Although it is another time travel story, I still adored it as it uses Lincoln’s assassination to its fullest advantage, leading to a lot of intense moments and having a superb feel to it. The Whole Truth is another message episode, but the one that is also fun and naturally very original.

The Invaders is of course terrific. Yes, it is slow and depends entirely on its twist ending, but what an ending it is! It is so smart while also being a lot of fun. It is one of the most memorable twists and overall episodes of the show. A Penny for Your Thoughts is instantly recognizable and naturally wildly original and inventive, but it also has a lot of heart and ends on a really heartwarming note.

Twenty Two is an entertaining and creepy episode, but the one that is eventually a disappointing story as it ends in a rather forgettable way. It is very good, but could have been even better. The Odyssey of Flight 33 is another disappointing entry with such a good premise, but the one that doesn’t use its possibilities nearly enough as it should have.

Mr. Dingle the Strong is an entertaining entry with a lot of memorable characters and an engaging plot. Static is relatable and engaging, but also filled with realistic characters and a scenario that is fantastical, but rooted in reality when emotion is concerned.

The Prime Mover is a great cautionary tale that has a good characterization and a really well thought out premise. Long Distance Call is another heartwarming part filled with such a beautiful emotion and wonderful characters, while also having such a fun fantasy element to it.

A Hundred Yards Over the Rim is a good episode of course, but the one that emphasized the unfortunate show’s tendency to go into time travel territory way too often. The Rip Van Winkle Caper is a vast improvement as it is a time travel story set in future for once and that shift works to its fullest advantage with such an ironic twist ending and a crazy futuristic car that is so much fun.

The Silence is the rare Twilight Zone episode that is realistic and doesn’t contain a single fantastical element to it. And while that is weird, it is still one of the better entries of the season due to its tragic twist ending and such a good conflict at display here. Shadow Play is intriguing and authentic, but ultimately not as memorable.

The Mind and the Matter is also intriguing, but still not as good as the rest of the episodes here. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? is such a fun entry! I adored it as it is so of its time, but still entertaining and very involving with a lot of crazy and memorable characters and a fun ending. It is one of the most entertaining science fiction stories in the series. The Obsolete Man is been there, done that, a good episode, but still a typical excursion into preachy territory.

The second season of The Twilight Zone is a very strong one that isn’t as good or as thematically rich as the previous season, but is still fantastic with its great number of classic episodes, an unusual emphasis on heartwarming storytelling and some of the best and most memorable twists are definitely here.

Worst Episodes: King Nine Will Not Return, Dust and Twenty Two.

Best Episodes: The Howling Man, The Eye of the Beholder, Nick of Time, A Most Unusual Camera, The Invaders, Long Distance Call, The Rip Van Winkle Caper, Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? and the Silence.

My Rating – 4.8


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