The Shindig (1930)

The Shindig ReviewThe Shindig Review

The Shindig is a 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a charming entry.

Once again we get a dancing entry and again it happens in a barn as Mickey and the rest of the gang dance and play instruments there. The film is important for being the first Mickey Mouse short where Clarabelle Cow is fully anthropomorphized as she stands on two legs and acts human. She is quite memorable and the rest of the characters are also charming with Mickey and Minnie stealing the show.

This is one of those musical episodes and once again it is a cliched, highly typical and familiar cartoon set in a familiar setting and with the basic structure of dancing and playing instruments. But it is better than most previous such entries mainly because it is a lot of fun with such a high energy and charm factor to it. It is repetitive, but at least they used great pieces of music.

The Shindig is a typical musical Mickey Mouse entry, but better than most thanks to an energetic approach and charming character interactions.

My Rating – 3.5

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