The Sand Castle (1977)

The Sand Castle ReviewThe Sand Castle Review

The Sand Castle is a 1977 Oscar-winning animated short that is so good.

This is definitely one of the most authentic winners in this category and it deserved its Oscar for the sheer originality presented here. It is basically a sand animated film where everything revolves in sand and with creatures out of sand. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I reckon that it must have been hard to make, but it looks so superb that I really appreciate the effort, especially from the character design perspective as the creatures are very intriguing in their looks.

But The Sand Castle is a very good film overall and not just in terms of the animation. Certainly the pacing is off as the beginning is prolonged and the ending is abrupt, but I really liked the story of creatures building other creatures and then their castle and eventually the wind blows it off. It does end on a sad note, but you do expect the whole cycle to repeat itself over and over again. The score is just phenomenal and so moving too.

The Sand Castle is a wonderful film that is original in animation and moving in score and story.

My Rating – 4.2

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