The Robber Kitten (1935)

The Robber Kitten ReviewThe Robber Kitten Review

The Robber Kitten is a 1935 Disney film from the Silly Symphonies. It is a solid, but very flawed flick.

It follows a kitten who dreams of becoming a robber and disobeys his mother until he comes across a real robber who scares him into running back home. I guess the message here is clear, maybe too clear and the film is definitely a bit too simplistic. To me the biggest problem is its prolonged running which resulted in a very slow second act, way too extended. Plus the characters are admittedly unlikable.

The protagonist is very annoying, but I liked the villain quite a bit, especially his dangerous voice provided by always great Billy Bletcher. He is the reason to see this film along with the animation as he posed real threat and is very memorable. The film looks as great as usual with great colors and a polished style to it. I just wanted more from it in terms of storytelling and editing.

The Robber Kitten is very well animated and has a great villain, but is too simplistic and weakly edited.

 My Rating – 3.5

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