The Queen Was in the Parlor (1932)

The Queen Was in the Parlor ReviewThe Queen Was in the Parlor Review

 The Queen Was in the Parlor is a 1932 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is such a weak, boring entry.

This Merry Melodies has a queen, knights and a castle in it. So what went wrong? I don’t know, but mostly the unfunny execution and dull characters. Once again we get derivative character designs and a plot that is far from inventive. The musical score here is definitely solid, but not great.

What is good here is its ending which involves a very interesting gag in it which entertained me, but other than that, the film mostly failed to fully utilize its potential and most especially its great setting. And the lack of strong characterizations continues to bother me when it comes to Merry Melodies and in that area Looney Tunes is infinitely better.

The Queen Was in the Parlor is uninventive and dull and it failed to utilize its setting properly.

 My Rating – 3.2

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