The Plow Boy (1929)

The Plow Boy ReviewThe Plow Boy Review

The Plow Boy is a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It’s such a fun flick.

This underrated short features Mickey and Minnie on a farm with their cows. When Mickey kisses Minnie, she gets mad and kicks him with a bucket. He eventually resorts to using a pig for plowing as his cow has abandoned him. This is not a strong plot and everything here is situational comedy, but it makes use of that early series’ humor really well with a lot of great gags.

The gags really make up for the weaker animation and once again unappealing character designs. I loved Mickey torturing those cows. I mean I didn’t love it, but it was funny and interesting and I have to say that I really do prefer this more mean spirited Mickey than the goody two-shoes that he would soon become. Minnie was crazy and memorable here and I loved the bee sting gag.

The Plow Boy is a lot of fun with quite a lot of crazy, funny gags and a great use of all its characters.

My Rating – 4

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