The Picnic (1930)

The Picnic ReviewThe Picnic Review

The Picnic is a 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a solid, important entry.

It start off pretty slow and actually the entire first half is very unremarkable as it basically follows Mickey and Minnie on a picnic and singing and dancing with no apparently strong gags whatsoever. The animation is strong, but the score is forgettable.

Thankfully, the film got much better afterwards in the second half. I liked the rain and how it was animated in a bleak manner. The Picnic is important for finally introducing Pluto to the series and he is sweet and endearing from the beginning and I liked his design and that it stayed pretty much the same after this cartoon. That ending is the highlight of the film with Pluto wiggling his tail and thus cleaning their car windshield. Very clever and inventive.

The Picnic is weaker at first, but becomes much better later on with a particularly inventive ending gag and it introduced Pluto quite well.

My Rating – 3.5

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