The Phantom Ship (1936)

The Phantom Ship ReviewThe Phantom Ship Review

The Phantom Ship is a 1936 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a solid entry.

It features a solid, but far from great use of Beans. He is a solid character, but I can definitely see why he never did stick around as he just isn’t all that memorable or interesting. This entire short is actually pretty interesting and adventurous in its quite intriguing setting which I really liked.

But it did not utilize on the setting properly and that was a shame. It is a sweet short, but not as fun or as exciting as it needed to have been. And the fact that The Phantom Ship is not really available for viewing is problematic. I only saw it with a very small video format and thus I cannot say whether the animation is great or not.

The Phantom Ship is a forgotten cartoon that is solid and adventurous, but far from great or fun.

My Rating – 3.4

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