The Pawnshop (1916)

The PawnshopThe Pawnshop Review

The Pawnshop is a 1916 short comedy film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. I found this film to be solid, but still very disappointing.

The problem with the film is the lack of a larger plot or point to it. That is why ‘The Tramp‘ is such a superior film. The Pawnshop also recycles too much of the slapstick from that movie with the kicking in the butt being annoying and repeated too much here. Also, it takes its time to get there and it just consists of various comedic scenes one after another. It has an odd and problematic structure.

However, the film is still charming and at times funny. I liked some of the humor here quite a bit and some moments contained the signature comedic style of Chaplin with his quick moves and facial expressions being priceless. He is excellent here and I loved that Edna Purviance was once again present as the supporting character and although she plays a similar character from before, she is still very likable and the two are great together. I also adored the ending as it is such a perfect way to end the movie unlike the beginning which is weak. And the picture definitely has its charm with the pawnshop being well realized and the people in it being memorable. It is a solid film, but I just expected much more from it.

The Pawnshop is definitely a solid film with some charming moments and a great ending, but it is still disappointing in its weak plot and some repetitive slapstick.

My Rating – 3.3

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