The Night Before Christmas (1941)

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas Review

The Night Before Christmas is the third Tom and Jerry short and easily the finest of the three.

It is a standout film as it has a very different and authentic approach with the famous characters. The way Tom helped Jerry and let him in the house and unfroze him is really beautiful to watch and although weird and different, I like that it feels that way as it thus differentiates it from many other of their adventures. The first half is inferior to the second, but it is a very deftly edited cartoon with a lot to offer. The animation is fluid and the Christmas theme is really well handled with excellent incorporation of thematic music and decorations. And the finale is so incredibly sophisticated and filled with attention to detail and warmth that it becomes an instantly recognizable and memorable moment from the duo’s filmography.

The Night Before Christmas is wonderful, endearing and funny film that is easily one of Tom and Jerry’s best.


My Rating – 4.6

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