The Mouse Comes to Dinner (1945)

The Mouse Comes to DinnerThe Mouse Comes to Dinner Review

The Mouse Comes to Dinner is a 1945 animated short that is the 18th of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is an incredibly entertaining and violent entry.

Tom is having a dinner with Toots and tries to impress her while making Jerry serve him, but the mouse eventually has his vengeance and tortures the cat. The plot itself is terrific and the setting and the use of the character of Toots is great and it is undoubtedly the finest short featuring her up to this date. And it is fun throughout its whole running time with such a fantastic action.

Both of our protagonists are terrific here with Tom being the highlight to me as I found Jerry’s violence towards him near the end a bit excessive. And that is my only problem with this film – the finale. It is funny and the whole short is incredibly funny, but it was just too much and I dislike when they have Tom tortured to such extremes. But on the other hand, the situations are great and the premise is fully used. The voice acting is unfortunate, but at least it was better used this time around. And this short is one of my childhood favorites and I love it as an adult just the same.

The Mouse Comes to Dinner has a great premise fully used, really fantastic, if too violent action, superb humor and it is one of the more entertaining shorts of the time.

My Rating – 4.2

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