The Man Who Planted Trees (1987)

The Man Who Planted Trees ReviewThe Man Who Planted Trees Review

The Man Who Planted Trees is a 1987 Canadian Oscar winning animated short film that is strong, but not great.

I like this film. I do not love it, but I like it. It has a moving story with a great environmental message. It is very emotionally resonant and highly beautiful in score and in animation. I absolutely adored its animation which is quite artistic in style and competent in execution. The biggest reason to see it lies in its wonderful style and of course in the beauty of nature and its message.

However, it is not a great movie because it is just way too long clocking in at thirty minutes and thus it can get tiresome and it is rarely truly involving despite its many strengths. And I also disliked the narration. The narrators did a good job, but I do not like the narration style overall and having in mind that it is a long movie and it was wholly narrated, that bothered me quite a bit.

The Man Who Planted Trees is artistic in its animation and moving in message and story, but overall overrated as it’s pretty boring and overlong with too much narration.

My Rating – 4

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