The Lyin’ Mouse (1937)

The Lyin' Mouse ReviewThe Lyin’ Mouse Review

The Lyin’ Mouse is a 1937 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a very good entry.

A mouse gets trapped and in order to escape being eaten by a cat, he tells him a story about a lion and a mouse and how the mouse helped the big cat. The cat eventually releases him only to realize that he has been fooled by a lie. The ending is so funny with the line “Sucker!” being hilarious and perfectly delivered. That moment exemplifies the best of Warner Bros. sensibilities and that is what I want in their cartoons.

Both the score and the animation are not the greatest here and the film is predictable and definitely too short. The runtime was way too short for this story which contains a story within a story. But it is fun, it is very well crafted and I have to say that the voice acting is superb with the highlight being the lion so well voiced by legendary Billy Bletcher. That’s some excellent casting right there.

The Lyin’ Mouse is fun and funny and although too short, it features excellent voice acting and such a memorable ending.

My Rating – 3.9

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