The Lonesome Mouse (1943)

The Lonesome MouseThe Lonesome Mouse Review

The Lonesome Mouse is a 1943 animated short that is the ninth of Tom and Jerry cartoons. It is an interesting experiment for better and for worse.

First I will talk about the positive aspects of which there are plenty. This is a very entertaining entry that is also highly authentic in the way the two team up which is rare and they team up against Mammy which is even more rare. That whole concept is very effective and produced a lot of laughs and good action.

Mammy is hilarious in this one and the way they make fun of her is very funny. Also, Jerry is of course great as always but I absolutely adored what they did with Tom here meaning that for once he gets to almost have the last laugh in the end and he is rarely ruined here which is also interesting and a refreshing approach. The two are excellent here and the whole premise is absolutely superb.

However, that concept is executed in a weak manner meaning that it gets repetitive later on. Yes, the beginning and the finale are great, but some of the middle parts can really get repetitive with similar chases and gags. But what is even a bigger problem is the choice to have the duo talk which I found super weird! And their voices also do not fit at all and are just plain odd. I am so glad that they later got rid of that.

Overall, The Lonesome Mouse is too repetitive and the voice acting is weird, but the overall premise is superb and it’s at times very funny and quite satisfying.

My Rating – 4.1

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