The Invisible Mouse (1947)

The Invisible MouseThe Invisible Mouse Review

The Invisible Mouse is a 1947 animated short which is the 33rd of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a very good entry that still could have been much better.

Jerry goes into an invisible ink bottle after which he becomes invisible and of course he then goes out to torment the big cat. Let’s first talk about the problems here and those are twofold. The first flaw is that it is very slow paced at first. And the second flaw is that it doesn’t quite use its formula to the fullest extent and isn’t as funny at first. However, it all changes halfway through when the film gets infinitely better and becomes a rather good ‘The Invisible Man’ parody.

I loved how funny it became later on. The highlights for me are of course the whole ending with Spike beating Tom and Jerry emerging victorious, but that instance when Jerry writes the words – missed me – in the flour is just hilarious. And Tom’s yelps and screams are absolutely fantastic this time around and are always very funny. This is the entry that is very flawed, but still came out strong in the end and is one of the better ones in the process.

The Invisible Mouse has an evidently inferior first half, but the second one is anything but that as it becomes incredibly funny, really inventive and it has a couple of simply amazing moments.

My Rating – 4.2

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