The Impossible Voyage (1904)

 The Impossible Voyage ReviewThe Impossible Voyage Review

The Impossible Voyage is a 1904 silent short film directed by George Melies. It is not one of his best films, but is still pretty good.

The problem I’ve had with The Impossible Voyage is that it is too similar to ‘A Trip to the Moon‘. The only difference here is that they go to the sun instead of the moon. And I once again was frustrated by the lack of intertitles that rendered some of the movie pretty difficult to understand, especially the first act. But this is still a great showcase of Melies’ talents as a director as the film is very well directed plus it is mostly well edited and crafted and the story, although familiar, is still fun and charming.

I loved the costumes and of course the special effects are as great as you would hope they would be from the director. The art direction is phenomenal and some sets are just gorgeous. The film is silly in its premise, but so charming in its execution that that silliness somehow becomes its advantage. The highlights for me were the scene on the Alps and of course the sequences on the sun were fantastic and so memorable. I loved the sun’s face and that arrival scene was so good.

The Impossible Voyage is familiar in its storyline, but it is so positively silly and charming while being expectedly superbly made and crafted.

My Rating – 4.2

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