The Gorilla Mystery (1930)

The Gorilla Mystery ReviewThe Gorilla Mystery Review

The Gorilla Mystery is a 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a solid entry.

I liked this short quite a bit even if it is never truly as good as the premise promised. The gorilla who escaped from the zoo attacks Minnie and it is up to Mickey to save her. I found the first scene very interesting as it is the most talkative scene thus far in the series. But the second half is the standout here.

I thought that the film is never as exciting as it should have been despite pretty good action scenes in it. The first half was also not as memorable. The highlight was the entire prolonged action scene neat the end as the chase was great and the ending was good. The animation with the doors and the house was particularly accomplished.

The Gorilla Mystery is not great, but it is quite fun with great animation and pretty memorable action scenes.

My Rating – 3.5

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