The Golden Touch (1935)

The Golden TouchThe Golden Touch Review

The Golden Touch is a 1935 Disney animated short from the Silly Symphony series and it is one of the best and most underrated of their films.

It follows King Midas who accepts an offer from Goldie the elf to have everything he touch turn into gold eventually to learn that he cannot eat without turning the food into gold and having to give his entire wealth to the elf in order to get food. It is again an important Silly Symphony cartoon with such a great message wonderfully executed. And although the ending could have been a bit stronger, it is still very good and in a typical Disney fashion, out protagonist learns his lesson in the end. I also loved its beginning and the fact that the running time is longer than usual. It is always entertaining and wonderfully dramatic.

The highlights are the sequences with food and of course those skeletons are great. The animation is superb and very well realized, the characterization is excellent and the score is good. Yes, the songs aren’t as good as in other Disney classics of the time, but they to me weren’t a disgrace either. And I cannot understand why Walt Disney hated this film and why everyone dislikes it as I find it a very good movie and one of the better flicks in the series.

The Golden Touch is an underrated Silly Symphony that has excellent animation and a very dramatic storyline wonderfully realized and with great message and many terrific scenes.

My Rating – 4.4

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