The Fox Hunt (1931)

The Fox Hunt ReviewThe Fox Hunt Review

The Fox Hunt is a 1931 Disney animated short film from the Silly Symphonies series. It is one of the better ones.

Yes, this entry is so good, unexpectedly stellar for it came out in 1931 which usually produced much weaker Silly Symphonies. So we basically follow the titular fox hunt and this short thankfully does not rely on repetitive music and dances as we follow how everyone rides their horses in a silly way and eventually some ride cows and even porcupines.

The animal designs are as troublesome as you would come to expect from this era in animation. The fox for instance does not look like a fox and has an overly angular look to it. But the music is solid and the human animation is quite good. The film is a lot of fun and its various riding gags were very entertaining and of course the highlight is the ending where the skunk and fox join forces to get rid of the humans. That was hilarious and extremely memorable.

Owing to a strong finale and many great gags, The Fox Hunt is definitely one of the better Silly Symphonies and one of the best from the early black-and-white era.

My Rating – 4

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