The Fella with a Fiddle (1937)

The Fella with a Fiddle ReviewThe Fella with a Fiddle Review

The Fella with a Fiddle is a 1937 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a pretty solid, interesting flick.

Yes, this cartoon is actually quite interesting and refreshing for featuring a more realistic storytelling figure. The grandfather tells his tale about the dangers of greed to his grandchildren, but eventually in the end it is revealed that he pretty much lied and manufactured most of the story.

That is realistic as most parents and grandparents do that. He is still caring for them, but he is just not telling the truth. The short should have been more entertaining and better animated and scored, but the characters are a lot of fun, I liked the message and the grandfather steals the show as he is such a memorable, different than usual cartoon character.

The Fella with a Fiddle is technically weaker, but with an interesting story and a refreshing main character.

My Rating – 3.8

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