The Edge (1997)

The Edge

The Edge Review

The Edge is a 1997 survival film directed by Lee Tamahori and starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. It is not a bad film, but is still just okay as it has so many problems.

The plot is my major issue concerning this movie. It is just so incredibly predictable from start to finish. I predicted almost every plot point in advance and that is always frustrating. It is a clichéd script and the movie has its smarter moments, but is mostly filled with expected and highly familiar plot points. The beginning is okay and the ending is quite good, but the middle parts aren’t that good as most developments are typical and the running time is definitely bloated.

The characters are solid, but not as good as they should have been. I liked Charles, but I still think that the filmmakers could have done more with his character. Bob is of course the standout character here and the relationship between the two has some inspired moments. I found the cheating aspect very clichéd and frankly boring, but their relationship worked for the most part. And of course, I have to mention Bart the bear as he is the highlight here and the most memorable thing in this flick.

I liked the acting in The Edge. Anthony Hopkins is really good and he gave such a natural, superb performance. Alec Baldwin is also good and even stupendous as he’d got the most difficult role to play and mostly did a good job, but he is sometimes weaker and paling in comparison to Hopkins in the scenes the two share.

The imagery is phenomenal in The Edge and this is always a wonderfully looking movie. It is very well shot and certainly well made. The direction should have been better and the script is mediocre, but it is still not poorly paced and it is overall solidly crafted. The score is also solid and the dialogue is okay with a couple of more sophisticated scenes. The film is realistic for the most part, but is still overly dramatic at times. It delved too much into blockbuster, action territory for my taste and although the action is quite well executed, it is still overwhelming and quite familiar. But the tone is solid as the film has some humor in it which is nice. And it is emotional at times which I appreciated. But The Edge is still for the most part too forgettable, too typical and too uninspired to enjoy more. With a better direction and of course with a better script, it would have turned out infinitely better. It isn’t bad, but isn’t particularly good either. The filmmakers in the end delivered a product that is just okay and it’s admittedly a fine, harmless diversion.

The Edge has some inspired moments, quite good acting, solid characters and great imagery, but it is mostly incredibly uninspired and typical with a familiar and excessively predictable script and too many weak and boring plot points. It isn’t bad, but isn’t particularly good either.

My Rating – 3


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