The Duck Hunt (1932)

The Duck Hunt ReviewThe Duck Hunt Review

The Duck Hunt is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very good entry.

Mickey is on a duck hunt with Pluto and of course the two end up experiencing a lot of troubles and shenanigans. I really liked this short despite it being typical in plot and sometimes forgettable. The dance scene is totally unnecessary here. But I liked the ducks and how they were incorporated into the gags.

Mickey and Pluto are wonderful together and this is a great cartoon that emphasizes their lovely relationship. The animation and score are solid, but the film is very charming and amusing above everything else which is why it succeeds executing its standard premise. The highlight for sure is the flea gag – Pluto is in the air falling and the fleas get off him and use parachutes. That was hilarious and so incredibly authentic.

The Duck Hunt is one of the better Mickey Mouse entries so far with one great, inventive gag and a terrific emphasis on Mickey and Pluto.

My Rating – 3.9

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