The Dot and the Line (1965)

The Dot and the Line ReviewThe Dot and the Line Review

The Dot and the Line is a 1965 Oscar-winning animated short film which was directed by legendary Chuck Jones.

I really liked this film despite its obvious problems, but more on that later. The animation is very good and the Metrocolor is surprisingly good here. So basically we follow a line as he gets dumped by his dot sympathy. You see, she finds him boring and goes for the wilder line, but eventually returns to our line as he learns some new geometrical moves.

Yes, the film is a very funny take on relationships. I loved how perfectly it adapted its story into the geometrical form. The designs are great in its simplicity and the overall animation is phenomenal. I loved the narration by Robert Morley quite a bit too. The film is consistently inventive and amusing throughout its ten-minute runtime. The only problem is the sexist portrayal of the dot who is such a bitchy, awful female character and I wished that the line turned her down in the end. An obvious product of its time, their relationship is certainly nothing to be admired.

The Dot and the Line is an imaginative, very amusing animated short that rightfully won an Oscar despite its sexist approach.

My Rating – 4.3

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