The Delivery Boy (1931)

The Delivery Boy ReviewThe Delivery Boy Review

The Delivery Boy is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such an ordinary entry.

This is once again a song a dance musical short and those are really getting tedious by now and I am hoping that they mix it up a bit soon and I think they most definitely will. This one has that famous old song in it, but the dances are dull and the film is repetitive and typical.

I loved that moment when Minnie throws Mickey into water and a couple of lines of dialogue they exchanged were hilarious. But other than that, the film is very charming, but forgettable when compared to all of the others in the series and not even the two lovebirds could make it great in my opinion.

The Delivery Boy definitely is charming with a couple of wonderful moments, but its musical format is dull and the execution is mostly bland.

My Rating – 3.4

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