The Crunch Bird (1971)

The Crunch BirdThe Crunch Bird Review

The Crunch Bird is a 1971 Oscar-winning animated short that is by no means a great film.

A woman goes to a pet store to buy a gift for her husband. She buys a bird that likes to chew things and eventually misinterprets the husband’s words and bites him in the ass. Now, this is an incredibly short film, running at approximately two minutes which is way too short. And it did not deserve its Oscar whatsoever.

The other problem it has is the plot which is uninspired. Yes, the gag at the end was good and it concluded in a good way with it, but everything besides that is lacking. And the characters are also like that. But the biggest offender is its animation which is just so lazy and frankly unpleasant for the eyes. It has a good style, but bad execution. Also the voice work is awful as it is evident from an early start that one man voiced all of the characters including the woman which is super annoying and just so amateurish.

The Crunch Bird is one of the weakest Oscar winners with a good ending, but bad animation, awful voice acting and an uninspired plot.

My Rating – 2.5

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