The Clock Store (1931)

The Clock Store ReviewThe Clock Store Review

The Clock Store is a 1931 Disney animated short film from the Silly Symphonies series. It is a pretty basic short.

Basically the film revolves around a titular clock store where various clocks and watches come to life and share a dance routine. In the end, the two clocks fight through an organized boxing match. That last fight was solid and fun and the film is stupendously well animated, but it is such a boring slugfest to sit through until that last third.

I just was so bored by all of the dance sequences. They took more than half of the movie and were so dull in their routine and displayed no variety whatsoever. I also thought that its score, though good, became a shore afterwards as it was repeated way too much until it became dull too. A very typical early Silly Symphony this is.

The Clock Store has to offer some splendid animation and a good fight, but it is otherwise a typical early entry in the series with so many dull dance scenes.

My Rating – 3.3

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