The ChubbChubbs! (2002)

The ChubbChubbs!The ChubbChubbs! Review

The ChubbChubbs! is a 2002 animated science-fiction short comedy film and an Oscar-winning short of that year.

It is about Meeper, a janitor in an alien pub with aspirations for singing karaoke. One day, the whole pub runs away when the title creatures are announced to be coming and it turns out that the cute little animals are the eponymous ChubbChubbs and not the alien warrior race. This film is honestly pretty okay and entertaining, but never rising above that. Yes, the plot is solid and the twist at the end is pretty good, but the endless use of famous songs bothered me as I always dislike that. If they got rid of that, it would have been a much better film.

Also, the whole emphasis on sci-fi references was annoying to me and I wished they just focused on creating original alien creatures. Meeper is an annoying protagonist, the warrior aliens are solid and the ChubbChubbs themselves are of course the highlights. But none of the characters is particularly likable.

But technically it is pretty good. I really liked its colorful animation with very pleasing to the eye colors and the character design is also solid, if typical. It really does look good and that is its major strength. As for its Academy Award, of course it did not deserve it. This is not an Oscar material whatsoever because it isn’t particularly funny or inventive and not to mention that it is not artistic at all.

In the end, The ChubbChubbs! is entertaining, it has cute animation and the ending is fun, but the characters are not that sympathetic and the plot is annoying at times with an over-reliance on music.

My Rating – 3

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