The Chain Gang (1930)

The Chain Gang ReviewThe Chain Gang Review

The Chain Gang is a 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is an okay entry.

The chain gangs were popular during the early thirties and of course this series was going to utilize on them, but with decidedly mixed results. I liked the animation quite a bit, especially of the dogs and the backgrounds. The ending and beginning are memorable and the middle section much less so.

The film has its moments and Mickey is good here, but it is overlong, not as engaging as it should have been and not particularly well scored. Pete is great as is Mickey and I loved the setting and the situation, but it never escalated into something bigger as both the gags and the energy are very much lacking here leading to a solid, but not great 1930 Mickey Mouse entry.

The Chain Gang definitely is well animated and with an interesting plot, but a weaker execution with not enough energy and certainly not enough laughs.

My Rating – 3.4

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