The Bowling Alley Cat (1942)

The Bowling Alley Cat

The Bowling Alley CatThe Bowling Alley Cat Review

The Bowling Alley Cat Review

The Bowling Alley Cat is a 1942 animated short that is the seventh in Tom and Jerry filmography. It is disappointing in some aspects, but satisfying in action.

This short has superb middle parts, but lacking in opening and closing parts. The middle is filled with excellent action sequences and the two really have some superb and memorable chases here. But the beginning is abrupt and the ending is so disappointing. But what troubled me the most is the lack of humor as there was never anything particularly funny here.

But the chases are superb and the setting is really well used. It started off not promising, but it quickly got better and they got the most of this bowling alley setting with some nicely incorporated action in it. Tom is here in for quite a beating and Jerry is great once again. I just wished for some humor with them, but only Jerry’s facial expressions are funny as always.

The animation is solid and the setting is a welcome change in pace. The music is also superb and I like that it is, unlike the last couple of films, only filled with the two protagonists and their chases which are superb.

The Bowling Alley Cat has a distinct lack of humor this time around and the ending is disappointing, but the action is superb, the setting is really well put to use and the two share some really memorable chase sequences in here.

My Rating – 4

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