The Bewitched Inn (1897)

The Bewitched Inn ReviewThe Bewitched Inn Review

The Bewitched Inn is an 1897 silent short film directed by George Melies. It is such a fun film per usual for the director.

A traveler arrives to a small hotel room and prepares to sleep, but the room refuses to let him sleep and at first chairs move, then his boots and finally his bed. He eventually flees the room in frustration. This is such a funny film that is so well crafted and entertaining throughout its very small running time of just two minutes. I loved the ending and my favorite part was the clothes flying off.

I could see that it was the editing technique during the chair disappearance, but other than that, the film is superbly executed and again impossibly realistic and it looks great to this day and age. It lacks variety and I prefer his ‘The Haunter House’ from the previous year, but The Bewitched Inn is still a phenomenal achievement and such a wonderful and fun film from this decade.

The Bewitched Inn lacks variety, but it is stupendously entertaining and even funny with exceptional effects from master Melies.

My Rating – 4.1

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