The Barnyard Concert (1930)

The Barnyard Concert ReviewThe Barnyard Concert Review

The Barnyard Concert is a 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a dull entry.

This is another one of those Disney flicks which are obsessed with music, this time around it is the music of classical variety. That is great and I liked how it was animated and how the instruments were used, but still it gets pretty boring very quickly as it is rather repetitive in its action.

It also has no gags, at least I did not notice them. The film should have had more humor and Mickey himself is rather forgettable this time around and not that well animated with weaker character design than usual. So this is the kind of film which is obviously a product of its time and it is isn’t particularly entertaining in this day and age.

The Barnyard Concert is one of the weaker Mickey Mouse shorts with too much repetitive music in it.

My Rating – 3.2

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