The Assassin (2015)

The Assassin

The Assassin Review

The Assassin is a 2015 Chinese martial arts film directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien. It is undoubtedly one of the most overrated and also dullest films of the year.

The film is about a female killer appointed by her master to slay corrupt government officials. The plot itself had potential, but is executed so poorly. This is the kind of film that is made for critics and mostly the conceited ones as I cannot understand how anyone can watch this movie and enjoy it and find it entertaining. Each and every film is supposed to be entertaining, no matter the genre, and this just isn’t.

It has such a slow, unbearably dull pacing that is just ridiculously still. It is filled with countless slow and pointless moments that don’t add anything to the story and just drag the movie and prolong the running time. It isn’t such a long film, but feels much longer how boring it is.

The characterization is also weak and the acting is okay, but not that remarkable. The directing is also weak and the pacing and the structure are poor. But the only positive aspects here are the technical ones as The Assassin admittedly does look good. The imagery is beautiful and detailed and the cinematography is excellent. I really liked the black-and-white cinematography in the beginning and I also liked the colored one later on. It does have a good mood and atmosphere and is well shot and made. Those are the only legitimate reasons to see this movie.

The dialogue is boring and never at all intriguing or interesting. The action is also nothing special and the film is flat in both the character development and the screenplay. The score is solid and the movie does look good, but I was bored from start to finish which is why I found The Assassin to be such a disappointing and overrated movie that just might be the dullest feature of the year.

The Assassin does look good with fine cinematography and good scenery, but everything else is flat with boring characters and story and uninspired action. This is such an overrated movie in my opinion that is so incredibly slow and boring that it also just might be the most tedious film of the year.

My Rating – 2

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