That’s My Pup! (1953)

That's My Pup! ReviewThat’s My Pup! Review

That’s My Pup! is a 1953 animated short that is the 76th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a standard, good, but not great entry.

That’s My Pup! is such a traditional entry in the series for better and for worse. Its plot with Spike teaching his son how to chase cats is definitely good and it is ridiculous that they haven’t done this obvious story before, but it is also pretty lacking in terms of humor as it is never particularly funny.

I liked Spike here quite a bit, Jerry is exceptionally annoying in this one and Tom is expectedly great. I liked the various action scenarios, but I found the second half to be very repetitive and dragging. It is entertaining and even sweet at times, but it is never as hilarious or as inventive as you’d come to expect from Tom and Jerry.

That’s My Pup! is too traditional and repetitive, but it is still quite solid and definitely charming.

My Rating – 4

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