That’s My Mommy (1955)

That's My Mommy ReviewThat’s My Mommy Review

That’s My Mommy is a 1955 animated short that is the 97th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is the best entry starring Quacker the duckling.

Yes, Quacker is so good here. And so incredibly endearing and cute. But he is cute all the time so what makes this cartoon stand out from the rest? Well, that’s mostly the premise which is very original and lends itself to a lot of humor. He hatches beneath Tom and naturally mistakes him for the mom. The cat wants to cook him whereas Jerry tries to prevent it. But the ending in which Tom finally softens up is so heartwarming and one of the best endings in recent years for the series.

Jerry is solid, but once again is forgettable when compared to Tom and it is really troublesome that he takes the backseat for the majority of episodes around this period. But at least Tom is pretty good and although the action at first seems repetitive, it quickly gets much better. This flick has a lot of heart and charm.

Charming and endearing, but also heartwarming, That’s My Mommy has a very good execution of a great premise and such a terrific ending.

My Rating – 4.2

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