Tee for Two (1945)

Tee for Two Tee for Two Review

Tee for Two is a 1945 animated short that is the 20th Tom and Jerry short. It is a fun, if typical entry.

Tom is this time playing golf while Jerry annoys and sabotages his efforts. This is one of those cartoons (The Bowling Alley Cat is a great example) that have a great setting which is solidly, if not greatly used and which has great, if repetitive action. Yes, some of the action here is superb, but it still goes on and on with some being less successful than the others.

But the characters are the highlights. Tom is simply hilarious, especially in the scene in which he himself puts the ball in the pit. The facial expressions he gives and the actions he takes are so funny. Jerry is also superb and a particular prick this time around with a couple of truly hysterical moments. The setting is nicely used and the action is particularly strong in the second half of the film.

Tee for Two is uneven and repetitive, but it has quite good action, great character moments and a couple of simply hilarious, wonderfully executed moments.

My Rating – 4

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